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About the NSCR

The NSCR stands for the National Studio Cycling Register.  It is a register of all the instructors that have been training to teach indoor cycling, studio cycling and spinning™.  Set up in 1997 when spinning was first launched in the UK,  the NSCR stands for, not only a register but quality training courses and qualifications.  The Phase 1 course was the first independently run course not linked to bike manufacturers.  This has been positive and allowed us to develop innovative, scientific and fact based education, creating solutions for all fitness professionals.  Ongoing development continues as we continue to lead by example and set the pace.

Interesting NSCR Statistics:

  • 1997 - website launched by founder of NSCR
  • 1998 - teach their first Phase 2 course
  • 1999 - continue to develop further education for indoor cycling
  • 2000 – develops MOD indoor cycling
  • 2001 – launch Heart Zones cycling and separate heart rate education
  • 2002 – new website launched
  • 2002 – 150 clubs have used the NSCR for indoor cycling
  • 2007 – Master Trainer, Andy Brown joins NSCR to head up training
  • 2008 - passes its 3,000 instructor in Phase 1 course
  • 2009 – website upgraded to service the needs of the fitness industry
  • 2014 - NSCR continue to develop specialist courses - Power training for everyone