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In-House Studio Cycling Courses

Courses can be run at your club using your studio and bikes.  We have a variety of training packages available for clubs and organisations tailored to suit your requirements.

Our courses are licensed by several manufacturers/training companies and do not require any monthly license fees to run.

The NSCR have vast experience in running in-house Studio Cycling Courses which are usually cheaper per instructor than public courses if you have more than 4 instructors.  The Phase one 2 day course is designed to give students the skills required to teach all ages and abilities in a fun and motivating class on any brand of indoor bike, covering both practical and theory sessions.  Training is conducted on a date which fits in with your timetable.

If your instructors are qualified but not with ourselves we would recommend doing a 2 day course where we can cover the basics of our initial training and a second day which would give your instructors the advanced qualification. The purpose of delivering the 1st day recap would be to give your instructors an overview of our concept and class structures and delivery style. Our courses are designed to progress into one another so would make more sense to your instructors if we did the recap before the advanced course.

If you are interested then please contact us