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Heart Zone Training

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This new, innovative and essential concept for training individuals and groups replaces age related formulas with a scientific and fact based product - Heart Zone Training®.

Heart Zone Training® is an accurate method of using a Heart Rate Monitor tool for working at the correct intensity within a training programme.

Employ the system to find out an individuals maximum Heart Rate as an anchor point to create five correct training zones. This solution for the fitness industry allows fitness professionals to train their clients/members to achieve their goals, whilst offering a long term solution for members, staff and clubs.

  • Use Heart Zone Training® as a motivating tool by monitoring and measuring performance
  • Adopt this personal training product to create correct training levels and personalized programmes
  • Improve the quality of peoples lives and the performance of top athletes by maximizing their time
  • Benefit from the software programme for the Heart Rate Monitor in group/class and individual formats
  • A group exercise training product that will involve Seniors and Juniors
  • Rehabilitation & special populations products