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Heartzones Blue Jersey Training Course

What is a Blue Jersey Course?

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  • The “Blue Jersey” is the application of Heart Zone Training for instructors, personal trainers and sports coaches. We call this the ‘core knowledge’ or foundation training.
  • The “Blue Jersey” is a 1 day course with a two week, distance learning application combining with proof of use within their work environment.
  • It is a nationally recognised course awarding 7 CPDs from REPS.

Course Content

  • Understanding the 10 steps of Heart Zone Training.
  • Be able to explain the importance of maximum heart rate and how to measure it.
  • Understand the process and power of goal setting for achieving individualised results.
  • Be able to reference the 5 Heart Zones in terms of caloric requirements, fuel utilization, intensity and rating of perceived exertion.
  • To relate the basic terminology of training to a heart rate monitor.
  • How to teach, coach and train individuals and groups with Heart Zone Training.