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Heart Zones UK

Heart Zones UK Ltd was set up in 2002 by Rick Kiddle

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Rick Kiddles Biography

Rick Kiddle won the British Triathlon Championships in 1989. After competing in the World and European Championships and Commonwealth Games he became one of the first National Triathlon coaches in Great Britain.

Rick launched Spinning into the UK in 1996 after attending the first European Schwinn Indoor Cycling Course in Germany. He has his own business that has taught over three thousand fitness professionals how to teach Indoor Cycling and work with Heart Rate Training. Rick is an innovator, writing countless articles showcasing his training ideas in national magazines.

Having an extensive background in Martial Arts he was also one of the first aerobic instructors in the early eighties. Rick’s spare time is taken up with finding new ways to coach his clients.

As author and writer Rick works as a fitness editor for several magazines and continues to develop innovative training programmes to measure, monitor and motivate individuals and teams. In 2004 he launched his first book – “The Complete Guide to Studio Cycling” published by A&C Black. In 2006 he launched his first indoor turbo training DVD “RKC Cycling Series 1”, In 2007 he has now released three DVD’s, “RKC Open Water Swimming 1”, “RKC Cycling Series 2” and “RKC Cycling Series 3”. The cycling series all use the Heart Zones sub maximal tests.

Rick is dedicated to increasing the awareness of Heart Zones Training®, Power and Threshold based training and introducing Triathlon to new entry level Triathletes. Rick Kiddle Coaching trains triathletes from entry to Olympic level as well as running an open water swimming facility at Heron lake that sees over 400 triathletes swim every week during the summer under his coaching guidance.

Motivate, educate and innovate!