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Phase 1 Content

Phase 1 Course Content:

  • Understanding the concept - Our background comes from competitive triathlon, road racing and Mountain biking.  Therefore our concept is to bring cycling from outdoors, indoors.  This creates a more motivating and fun workout, whilst also coaching better technique and mental focus
  • Cycling technique and benefits of good technique relative to fitness and performance
  • Visualisation & an introduction to sports psychology.  We look at how everyone from beginners to athletes can use simple psychological skills to improve their workout, not just for cycling but for other aspects of exercise
  • How to structure beginner, intermediate & advanced level of classes so that you can cater for all abilities in your class
  • Motivation - We look into the different aspects of motivation and how it can affect performance
  • Identifying participant goals
  • Basic heart rate training to further improve the quality of the workout
  • Marketing your classes
  • Specific cycling challenges
  • Themed classes & events