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Phase 2 Studio Cycling Instructor Course

Phase Two is a natural progression from Phase One.
After teaching for three or more months instructors will see changes and have questions. Phase two will answer these questions and more. Techniques, ideas, structure, planning etc are all covered in Phase Two.

Phase Two Agenda

1. Introduction

Advanced Progression

2. Heart Rate monitoring for Phase Two

Errors of Manual Pulse taking
The four / five zones

3. Class Work

Discussion of merits of HR formulas
Maf Heart Rates
Recovery Heart Rate
Recovery times using cadence checks

4. Class Discussion - One

Studio Cycling and Personal Training
Training progression and periodisation

5. Class Discussion - Two

Training Rules

6. Class Work - Two

Teaching Off the Bike

7. Advanced Cycling Techniques

Advanced Training
Hand Positions

8. Class Work Three

Class design for advanced students / scenarios
Motivation Example One

9. Verbal Suggestion

10. Non Verbal suggestion

Motivation Example Two
Goal Setting

11. Class Design Three

Being the Master Instructor
The future…..

Note: Format and content may vary depending on
individuals within each group.

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