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Frequently Asked Questions

Please find below answers to frequently asked questions.  If however your question is not listed below please   and we will be more than happy to help!

What if I am already a qualified Level 1 Studio Cycling instructor but need updating?

You will also need the NSCR Phase 1 qualification but would benefit from Phase 2. We would suggest a 2 day combo with Phase 1 & 2 combined where you will get both certifications at one time.

How many people attend the Phase 1 course?

We run bi-monthly courses between 3-10 instructors depending on how many book onto the course.

I qualified as an NSCR Phase 1 Instructor 1 month ago, is it too soon to be doing the Phase 2?

We recommend 3 months of regular teaching before attending the Phase 2 course.

Why should I choose the NSCR?

The NSCR is one of the longest running companies providing up to date training for studio cycling instructors across the UK, developed from the original concept of spinning back in the early 90’s.  We have stayed true to the idea of bringing outdoor cycling indoors and to give our class participants the same buzz as cyclists get when they ride on the road.

Can you run a course at my club?

Yes we have a variety of training packages available for clubs and organisations tailored to suit your requirements.  If you are interested then please contact us at .

How long does my phase 1 qualification last for?

Your Phase 1 qualification is valid for a period of 2 years at which time we recommend you attend our Phase 2.  Once you have attended the Phase 2 course your qualification time is unlimited, although education is important we have further courses on offer.  REPs do not strictly enforce this, however we believe the technical ability that is needed to instruct physical activity and exercise is constantly increasing and feel that as a qualified instructor,  you need to keep your knowledge and skills up to date and relevant.  We fully believe in personal development.

This can be extended by attending any of our further phases, refresher courses or Heart Zones courses.

If I have previously done a Level 1 course, can I go straight onto Level 3?

You can go straight on to Level 3.

How many levels are there?

There are 5 levels of studio cycling training.  Levels 1-3 focus on being an instructor and coach and using cycling for personal training.  Levels 4-5 are aimed at developing into running training courses under license to the NSCR.

Is the qualification recognised in the industry?

Our Level 1 qualification is with REPs awarding 16 CPDs (Continuing Professional Development Credits).  In order to claim your CPDs you need to be registered with REPs as a Level 2 Gym or Exercise to Music instructor.

What qualifications do I need?

We do not stipulate particular fitness industry qualifications, however it is useful to have some background knowledge of studio cycling classes or cycling in general, also a good level of fitness and to be enthusiastic about cycling would be an advantage.  It would be beneficial to have a Level 2 fitness qualification as this will help with your understanding of the physiology aspects of the course but is not essential.